Finding Peace: Healing Trauma and Loss

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Everyone has experienced grief and loss and often we still hold those experiences within us. To help you and those you care about heal from these experiences, SikhNet is offering this very special self-paced, instructor supported Learning Byte.

Some of the concepts and tools in the course include:
  • The Sikh concept of Khimaa - of letting go of animosity and being kind towards an enemy.
  • A simple meditation to remove recurring thoughts that haunt you.
  • Inspiring modern stories of those who kept an open heart in spite of personal tragedy.
The causes of trauma and loss are varied. Our internal experiences may differ.

This two-week Learning Byte has healing stories, concepts and tools to help you on your path to peace and transformation.

Time Commitment: Mini Course (3-4 hrs)

This course was designed to be a short course, completing one of the two sections per week.

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