Coping With Grief

Keys to Regaining Chardi Kalaa

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Grieving effectively is the key to regaining Chardi Kalaa during these chaotic times.

It has been an epic year full of historical events. We've experienced loss, chaos, sadness, and isolation. Businesses have closed. We've been disconnected from our families. We've even lost elements of our spiritual connection with Gurdwara closures and the inability to be in Sangat. What has been asked in flexibility, and adaptability, has been monumental, and at times it has been overwhelming, or even too much.

This webinar replay was aired as part of the SikhNet Wellness Webinar Series.

"We have all been impacted by this time in our history, including me. I've faced tough truths and had to make great changes in my life. Gratefully, as a Board Certified Chaplain, I have specialized training to create relief and peace amidst the most challenging situations, and I want to share some resources with you that have kept me in good spirits."

- AmarAtma Singh Khalsa, Board Certified Chaplain & Peace of Mind Coach

In this webinar replay, learn how grieving effectively is the key to keeping in Chardi Kalaa.

You'll learn:

  • What grief is
  • The multiple forms of losses
  • And practical tools to move through it all

AmarAtma Singh addresses some of the spiritual challenges we may experience related to faith and Sikhi, and teaches a meditation to experience the richness of our spiritual heritage.

The unfortunate reality is that we have all faced many tragedies and difficulties this last year, impacting our outlook on life. Without effective strategies, we may carry the burdens of these times that dampens our spirits with the possibility that it could affect us for years.

Your Instructor

AmarAtma Singh Khalsa
AmarAtma Singh Khalsa

AmarAtma Singh is a Grief Coach with advanced certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist. He has spent the better part of the last decade helping hundreds and thousands of grievers in emotional and spiritual care as a board-certified Chaplain.

AmarAtma completed his Chaplain residency and fellowship in Phoenix, AZ, USA at an inner-city trauma-1 university hospital specializing in trauma, critical care, and palliative care services. Along with his degree in Ministry, AmarAtma holds a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. AmarAtma has evolved this rarified education and professional experience blending trauma-informed practice, mind-body-spirit medicine, and emotional resilience into a virtual, 1:1 grief support program providing much-needed care to grievers with actionable and practical steps towards grief recovery.

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The total time is about 90 minutes complete.
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The webinar is divided into lessons – each lesson includes a video with supportive resources woven in between.

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